Transportation of materials is part of the backbone of what we do. A key component of moving materials is through our network of trucking vehicles. Our drivers all require a valid Commercial Driver License (CDL). Class A or a Class B license is required.  In some locations, we have CDL training programs available.

There are three primary types of drivers at CalPortland – ready-mix trucks, aggregate haulers, and cement (powder train) haulers. None of our drivers handle “long haul” - drivers typically work a regular shift and then go home. Base rates of pay are comparable to long-haul drivers and are based on experience. About 80% of all driver jobs at CalPortland are ready-mix driver jobs.

Ready-Mix Truck Driver

Although called a “driver”, the industry has taken to calling this position a “Concrete Delivery Professional”. Since ready-mix concrete must be delivered within 90 minutes of being batched into the truck, ready-mix truck drivers spend a good deal of the day engaging with customers in operating the drum to discharge the mixed concrete. On a typical day, a ready-mix driver may take out five or so loads of concrete (sometimes more, sometimes less) – this would mean about three to four hours of driving, and three to four hours of a wide variety of other activities (truck preparation, drum operation, etc.).

These positions are usually attractive to individuals who enjoy leveraging their CDL, but want variety in their day and interaction with others. For a better idea of what these jobs are about, click below to watch a short video on “A Day In the Life of a Truck Driver” at CalPortland!

Aggregate Driver

Driving an aggregate haul truck or dump truck, aggregate drivers move product from quarries and aggregate yards to customer locations (usually concrete batch plants). Product can include rock, sand, gravel, and related materials. Vehicles may be end dump or belly dump. Aggregate drivers spend more time driving then ready-mix drivers and have less interaction with customers.

Cement (Powder Train) Haul Driver

Cement haul drivers move cement (a fine powder) in specialized haul vehicles from cement plants to customer locations (batch plants), or to cement terminals, or from cement terminals to customer locations. Drivers are responsible for operating the loading equipment (usually a gravity dump into the top of the specialized tanks) and the pneumatic unloading from the specialized tanks. Cement hauls can be longer in distance then other hauls at CalPortland meaning fewer trips per day.

A Day in the Life!

Discover a day in the life as a CalPortland Driver.

You too can build a career with us and be home with family, not hundreds of miles away from home!